UMA GAMING Future Utilities include GAMING NFT’s and as the project grows more utilities will be brought onto the roadmap, as decided by the community. We have a professional team that know how to market and build this project organically. We have already created a telegram for our Official Community with plans to add more communities as we grow. UMA GAMING has been called by a HUGE amount of BSC influencers as they can also see the amazing potential for gains here. Huge focus right now is building an amazing community floor that believe in the project and see it thrive. UMA GAMING's mission is to strengthen the bridge between traditional GAMING and NFTs by providing tangible value and benefits for holders, as well as integration with Metaverse and P2E communities. UMA GAMING is and will always be community first. Priority number one is to provide value back to holders and to provide a positive experience for the general community If you've been looking for a low market-cap gem that you are super early to with a long-term vision to buy into, this is it!


Metaverse GAMING

UMA GAMING Build WEB3 Metaverse Play-to-earn GAMING plateform. Smart P2E Games, Battle Games, Farm Games and many more timelapse games. We Build the Futurists high speed Games without sacrificing censorship resistance or security. UMA GAMING is built for interoperability it horizontally scales while maintaining a shared state. Build the Metaverse Games with UMA GAMING marketplaces, Cross-Game items, and fully-on-chain elements. UMA GAMING provide high speed modern games with low fees.

Virtual Land

UMA GAMING will Launch own Virtual Land and Modern Games. Each game will have its own governing planet. We will run virtual land auctions, where people can purchase their own piece of that planet and earn revenue from the game by completing specific tasks. In the future, these pieces of land can be used to build infrastructure for that planet, such as virtual NFT stores, collection galleries, weapon stores, and buy/sell NFTs from the game.

NFT Marketplace

Super Modern will have its own NFT marketplace, where players can trade characters, weapons, and other in-game items with UMA GAMING. The very first edition of NFT characters from the game. These will hold exceptional value and will be scarce. UMA NFT Marketplace are stronger and more qualified to have better ratings that help them perform efficiently. Smart, efficently, and Eco-friendly NFT Plateform without any charges.


1st Pre-Sale

6 Nov - 30 Nov

Price $0.00000002

Launching Price $0.00000008

2nd Pre-Sale

1 Dec - 20 Dec

Price $0.00000004

Launching Price $0.00000008

3rd Pre-Sale

21 Dec - 10 Jan

Price $0.00000005

Launching Price $0.00000008

4th Pre-Sale

11 Jan - 31 Jan

Price $0.00000006

Launching Price $0.00000008

5th Pre-Sale

1 Feb - 12 Feb

Price $0.00000007

Launching Price $0.00000008


We are planning to push at this point and advertise EVERYWHERE. We starts marketing and receive good responce. We have collected a huge budget from external investors. At the early stage, we will get listed on CoinGecko & CMC, it will give us huge exposure and will fuel up our marketing wallet. Then we will start advertising on different magazines & crypto websites(i.e Crypto Ranking Platforms & Crypto Chart Platforms)




Mr Albert Bang (CEO)

Ms Jenni Rex (Operation)

Ms Louis (Marketing)

Mr. Smith (Developer)